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Quo vadis cancer 01 - 06

Quo vadis cancer 07 - 11

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Where do you aim cancer? Time flies
Cycle of paintings 2002 - 2006

In the cycle of paintings „Quo vadis cancer? Tempus fugit,” I want to tell the history about struggling with death in the name of life. This is the most important value for man. People who have been injured by surgical and pharmacological interferences are the subject of my latest painting’s cycle. I try to seize the strength, which lets them struggle with the neoplasm disease.

The painting is the most direct and authentic work of my experiences. My canvases have material corporeality and the painting facture enriched with string, becomes the body with put seams. Uniting the natural hair with painting binder, I try to increase the almost tangible human creature that has been injured by the disease’s impression. Flowing down the canvas plane, the red paint changes into blood - the symbol of life and death. The facture of the painting deforms the figure, as does the neoplasm disease deforms the human body.

Almost whole, our life is aiming towards death. However, we do not subconsciously accept her inevitability. For me, painting is the most perfect form of tale about the human existence. It also offers death a special game. It shows that life continuously dances with death. Figures on my paintings challenge the viewer to address this struggle, which are written in the existence of every one from us …

Natasza Eichelkraut – Galimska
December 2006